BEST OF 2019: Most-Clicked Content

Browse through our readers’ favourite Fiducia publications for a crash course on current China business topics. >> Download full publication: ‘2019 in Facts and Figures’ Article | RETAIL IN CHINA: WHAT SLOWDOWN? Find out why many of our clients report the opposite of a “slowdown” and learn about six must-know Chinese online platforms.     […]

FIDUCIA: Our Year in Review

We are continuously working to become a better service provider, organisation, and corporate citizen. Here are some facts and figures showing what we achieved in 2019: 1. As a Service Provider >> Download full publication: ‘2019 in Facts and Figures’ Digitisation Accounting We are rolling out new software, including leading OCR system ABBYY, to streamline […]

China Business Buzzwords 2019

Ten terms and topics to remember >> Download full publication: ‘2019 in Facts and Figures’ 2B China’s tech giants are betting on to-business solutions, locally dubbed ‘2B’, for growth. Tencent, for instance, restructured to focus on ‘the industrial internet’ (e.g. cloud services) for the next decade. Unlike 2C technologies such as e-commerce and mobile payments, […]

Downturn Readiness: A Snapshot from Europe

By our partner h&z Management Consulting     An economic storm is coming—are you ready? Business leaders in Europe are getting nervous: dark clouds are gathering on the economic horizon and the threat of a severe crisis now looks possible after years of economic upswing. The good news is that at least we can see […]

Gearing Up for Adversity in Greater China

Fears of a downturn can pressure firms into survival mode. But once the dust settles, those who continue to give growth a chance will come out winning. While defensive strategies to curb risks and costs are vital, it’s equally important to seize the opportunities that adversity presents. For businesses in Greater China who are already […]

Executive Survey: Ready for 2020?

The possibility of a global economic slowdown is not the only issue keeping Greater China-based executives awake at night. Hong Kong’s ongoing social unrest and China’s Corporate Social Credit System – CSCS, a new framework to track and rate the behaviour of businesses in a unified database – are also high up on their list […]