What Comes Next? Pivoting and Bouncing Back After Covid-19

Businesses are already asking themselves: when the pandemic passes, what fundamental changes will it leave behind? And how can we adapt the way we work, and the products/services we offer, to meet that “new normal”? News of how luxury giant LVMH, breweries, and carmakers including Ford and BYD are suddenly producing medical supplies show just how far and quickly companies are able to adapt to […]

Coronavirus and the Corporate Social Credit System: A Two-Way Link

China’s Corporate Social Credit System (CSCS) is expected to be fully implemented in China by end of 2020. A company’s score is based on more than 30 criteria rated by different local authorities, including: China Customs, State Administration of Tax, Administration of Market Regulation, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, State Administration of Foreign Exchange.  >> Read our explainer: The Corporate Social Credit […]

China’s Corporate Social Credit System: 10 Q&A

The Corporate Social Credit System (CSCS) is envisioned as a big-data-enabled framework to track, rate, and reward/penalise the behaviour of all businesses in China.   With its full implementation officially scheduled for the end of 2020, businesses in China are worried about its possible implications. They’re also anxious about the confusion that still clouds its parameters and methodology.   Are […]

Hong Kong’s Support Measures for Businesses 2020

Hong Kong’s 2020-21 budget, announced last week, brought some much-needed good news for residents and businesses. It contains unprecedentedly generous relief measures to revitalise the economy in the short-term, as it weathers prolonged political unrest, global trade tensions, and the Covid-19 outbreak. It also addresses the city’s long-term plans, such as boosting technological innovation and […]

Executive Perspectives on the Coronavirus

Insights from China-based leaders of international mid-sized companies Besides working from home, the coronavirus outbreak is also teaching us how to network from home. With their headsets on and their masks off, 25 China-based MDs and C-levels joined our virtual roundtable last week to exchange coronavirus-related experiences and tips. Rather than postponing our signature Leaders’ Circle event, we decided to hold it via Zoom, sticking to our belief that connectedness and adaptability are winning traits when times get tough. We and participants walked […]

Coronavirus Q&A: Getting Back to Business

Published on February 20th. Exactly three weeks after the WHO declared the coronavirus outbreak a “public health emergency of international concern”, balancing safety and business continuity remains the key task of China-based executives. As most organisations have already introduced comprehensive safety measures, their focus now is on getting back to business. We are proud of […]