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Success Stories

Fiducia exhibited a high degree of professionalism in every step of the process and continues to be our trusted advisor for our China operations.

Fiducia was always happy to exchange ideas and thoughts with us, fully contributed to the development of the Einhell AG corporate strategy, and warned us of bad decisions.

Their ability to have flawless communication with our headquarters in Switzerland makes Fiducia extremely beneficial for us.

Within a very short time-frame, the Fiducia team managed to grasp the relevant market dynamics and key issues in the industry.

Fiducia’s results and strategic advice significantly impacted our expansion plans and saved us a substantial amount of time and resources.

Most impressive was Fiducia’s network within the German speaking community, as well as their close personal contact and constant information exchange with us.

The employees in both China and Hong Kong are consistently friendly and helpful, and even after completion of the [company] set up formalities, we still maintain a friendly relationship with Fiducia’s staff members.

Their experience in the medical market makes them a valuable long term partner for our activities in Greater China. We can rely on them for unbiased and honest advice.

From entry support and market analysis to benchmarking competitors, they made actionable recommendations which enhanced our business greatly.

From the headquarter’s perspective it is crucial to know that your China subsidiary has the support of a trustworthy service provider who ensures compliance with a compatible work-style and culture.

Fiducia’s Executive Search team has done an excellent job in identifying GM candidates to continue the leadership for our WFOE.