Name: Martin Schürmann
Title: Managing Director
Company: Kloeckner DESMA Elastomertechnik GmbH
Company Website:


1. How has Fiducia supported you?

Over the past decade, Fiducia has helped us at various milestones of our development in China. From entry support and market analysis to benchmarking competitors, they made actionable recommendations which enhanced our business greatly. Furthermore, their market knowledge and trusted relationship with us enabled them to support and even drive internal organisational improvements.


2. What has been your highlight of working with Fiducia?

Fiducia’s MD, Stefan Kracht, and his team went above and beyond our expectations when we in 2017 were faced with a challenging situation in our China organisation. For all necessary corporate changes, accounting and control, as well as HR needs Fiducia was there for us. In terms of their executive search, Fiducia’s experts helped us gauge the leadership potential of our senior managers, and identified ideal candidates for a number of key management and technical positions.


3. How have you benefited from Fiducia’s expertise?

Fiducia has been a reliable partner to consistently support us with high-value solutions and genuine commitment – which is rare in China. Stefan Kracht and his team has assisted us in making important strategic decisions by bringing in insightful market intelligence and advice. We are proud to be associated with Fiducia and can recommend their dedicated, professional service team, especially to companies seeking to build a strong team in China.