Migros Hong Kong Limited


Name: Thomas Paroubek
Title: Managing Director
Company: Migros Hong Kong Limited
Company Website: https://www.migros.ch/de.html/


1. How has Fiducia supported you?

Fiducia has been supporting Migros Hong Kong in the fields of Finance & Accounting since the beginning of 2016.


2. What has been your highlight of working with Fiducia?

Since we have subsidiaries in Shenzhen and Shanghai in addition to our Hong Kong location, Fiducia is able to cover our entire business model with their local experts. Fiducia’s ERP-System has provided our company with a common language across all of the subsidiaries, which makes the consolidation of our accounts much more consistent.


3. How have you benefited from Fiducia’s expertise?

Fiducia’s long-term experience and extensive knowledge of the markets in Hong Kong, China and the rest of Asia give them an impressive advantage. This in combination with their ability to have flawless communication with our headquarters in Switzerland makes Fiducia extremely beneficial for us.