Pulse Electronics

Name: John Kowalski
Title: Former CEO
Company: Pulse
Company Website: http://www.pulseelectronics.com/


1. How has Fiducia supported you?

In late 2007 and early 2008 I tasked Fiducia in mapping a segment of the Chinese automotive components market, as well as identifying and analysing acquisition targets. Within a very short timeframe, the Fiducia team managed to grasp the relevant market dynamics including technological and regulatory developments, and identified key issues in the industry. This was partly based on their past automotive experience, but mainly due to their efficient approach. The team employed a solid methodology, combining a hypothesis-driven style with thorough research and in-depth primary investigation.


2. What has been your highlight of working with Fiducia?

I was particularly impressed by the communication process which the team employed, for instance the regular written updates preceding highly efficient conference calls that spanned the US West and East Coast, Europe, and multiple locations in China.


3. How have you benefited from Fiducia’s expertise?

Fiducia delivered above and beyond our expectations in terms of topics covered and recommendations made. While the team confirmed many of our assumptions, they also uncovered new insights and new potential partners. Their work has contributed strongly to my thinking and clarified the choices we have, and has resulted in our decision to further expand our own China operations following joint visits to the short listed targets.