Fiducia & Kea “GREATER CHINA DAYS”: Game Changers for Business Transformation in China and APAC

Amid a context of global uncertainty, China and the Asia Pacific region remain key strategic markets for many Western companies. After nearly three years of containment measures and travel restrictions, companies operating in the mainland must cope with new market dynamics: lack of connectivity, operation transparency and remote hiring challenges. How can you make sure […]

Anniversary Publication Series | Part 2/3: Localising Your Production in China

Amid geopolitical tensions with the United States and the impact of the global pandemic, China sought to stabilise its economy by focusing on its domestic market and incentivising companies to produce locally “in China for China” (ICFC). Despite the growth opportunities for our Clients already operating in China, recent policy shifts, such as the Dual Circulation Policy, […]

Webinar | China’s Machinery Sector: Entry Strategy, Localisation Trend and Talent Recruitment

China’s machinery sector has seen enormous growth in the last decade, benefitting from the country’s industrialisation process, technological upgrading and supply-side reforms. China is now the world’s largest producer, consumer and importer of machinery in many segments. Over the years, the sector has attracted large foreign investment, including from the EU – where most of the machinery enterprises […]