Hong Kong Budget 2023/24

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Bonded Warehouse: the Efficient Option when Selling to China

The internationalisation of trade has brought many benefits for companies, but also presents new challenges to overcome.   Chief among these challenges is the management of supply-chains, where goods sourced in one region are ‘re-imported’ to the same location, incurring twice the costs for the manufacturer.  Luckily, we at Fiducia are specialists in mitigating these issues, […]

Anniversary Publication Series | Part 3/3: Driving Sales Channels in China’s ‘New Normal’

Although consumer spending has slowed since the onset of the pandemic, many of our Clients continue to project healthy sales growth.  As the consumer market continues to transform, affected by many factors including population change, increasing internet usage, and changing consumer behaviour, new opportunities emerge. But companies face numerous challenges such as intense competition, brand […]

Anniversary Publication Series | Part 2/3: Localising Your Production in China

Amid geopolitical tensions with the United States and the impact of the global pandemic, China sought to stabilise its economy by focusing on its domestic market and incentivising companies to produce locally “in China for China” (ICFC). Despite the growth opportunities for our Clients already operating in China, recent policy shifts, such as the Dual Circulation Policy, […]

Anniversary Publication Series | Part 1/3: Sourcing in 2022 & Beyond

This year marks an important milestone for Fiducia Management Consultants – our 40th anniversary.  Since 1982, we live by our core values of collaboration, trust, and dedication, which have shaped the dynamic and effective organisation that we have become. While recent turbulences have resulted in unprecedented levels of disruption to business operations, at the same time they […]