HR and Organisational Change in “China 2.0”

China is more affluent and innovative than ever, but also more complex and competitive. In this new reality that we call “China 2.0”, foreign businesses are under intense pressure to do things differently – starting with the way they structure and run their organisations. Companies are reshaping their organisational setup and HR strategies to match […]

Building Winning Organisations in China

How are foreign companies in China adjusting their organisations to new times? We asked two business leaders to share their experience with us. They come from sectors where transformation is strongly underway: retail and industrial solutions.   RETAIL The Journey to Omni-Channel   With retail sales of EUR 11.6b and over 5,500 affiliated stores in […]

Five HR Trends in “China 2.0”

There are no “one size fits all” solutions to the problems of finding, retaining, and developing talent, but businesses facing similar setbacks tend to come up with similar strategies. These are 5 common ways in which international companies are solving HR challenges in China.   1. Re-think your candidate profile Multinationals have traditionally had a […]

Strengthening Company Culture Through CSR

For a company’s values to become a real binding force, they must be reflected in everything it does – in its behaviour towards clients, colleagues, and also towards the broader community. In 2010, Fiducia decided to put its spirit of integrity, dedication, and fairness into action through our CSR programme “Fidu-Share”. Under Fidu-Share we’ve worked […]

China’s Green Tech Market: Opportunities for Whom?

For most manufacturers, China’s anti-pollution drive is setting up costly and time-consuming “green tape”. But for green tech companies, it’s opening up fields of opportunity. To reach its environmental objectives, China will require an estimated public and private expenditure of over US$450b annually over the next four years. The new Environmental Protection Tax, in particular, […]