HR and Organisational Change in “China 2.0”

China is more affluent and innovative than ever, but also more complex and competitive. In this new reality that we call “China 2.0”, foreign businesses are under intense pressure to do things differently – starting with the way they structure and run their organisations.

Companies are reshaping their organisational setup and HR strategies to match “China 2.0” and cope with broader shifts happening in the country’s employment landscape, including generational change and a severe skills shortage in high-tech industries.



Our latest China Focus issue addresses these people-related challenges, and looks at how forward-looking enterprises are adjusting in different industries.

Many of our clients are driving agility to stay ahead in a market where trends and regulations can change unexpectedly. Others are growing their headcount and functions after realising that tough competition calls for an “all in” approach. And many, like us, are strengthening their company culture through corporate social responsibility (CSR) and other engagement programmes.

We are proud to work closely with businesses – old and young – who are embracing change rather than shying away from it. Like them, we believe that the potential gains for foreign companies in China have never been higher, and that seizing them starts with building the right team.


”China 2.0” Through the HR Lens

Each organisation is a world of its own. But certain HR challenges and priorities are shared by many of our Executive Search and China Consulting teams’ clients. These are some of the ways in which “China 2.0” is influencing their HR agendas: