Juergen Kracht Chairman

Juergen Kracht


Fiducia Management Consultants was founded by Juergen Kracht in 1982. As both a German national and management consultant with over 40 years of experience in China trade and investment, Juergen develops and maintains Fiducia’s most senior client relationships. He has been an honourary advisor to the Management Consultancies Association of Hong Kong since 2015. Juergen is internationally regarded as a valuable speaker at China events, providing comprehensive know-how and in-depth practical experience on various China business topics.

Juergen holds a degree in International Business & Management from the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen, Germany. In 1970, he joined major international trading company Jebsen and Co. in Hong Kong, where for the following ten years he gained extensive experience in trade with China and travelled frequently to the mainland, which was a rarity in the 1970s. In 1980, he became Chief Financial Officer of Continental Engineering in Hong Kong (now TTI), a market leader in consumer and professional electrical goods trading out of China. Juergen is a member of the Hong Kong Club, the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, and the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.