Brainstorming for the Future

Fiducia Goes North II


Client Services Manager Paul Marty recalls his experience travelling to Northern China with the Fiducia team.

At Fiducia, travelling is an integral part of our work, as we cater to our clients’ needs in China and abroad. This year alone I was lucky enough to represent Fiducia on three different continents, meeting a variety of interesting people along the way. One of the most memorable trips this year was undoubtedly our manager offsite to China’s Dongbei region: in September, Fiducia colleagues from our four offices met in sunny Dalian and busy Shenyang. This was my first company gathering with so many colleagues – a great experience for all.


The first day was about spending quality time with the team on a tour of the city followed by a delicious dinner at a Bavarian-like castle surprisingly located in the middle of Dalian. We rounded off the night with some fun and games to start off the trip in high spirits.


The second day’s focus was on past results, and new strategic initiatives. As a consulting firm operating in Asia, we know how important it is to remain flexible and open to change in order to deliver best results for our clients. So it was essential to involve all of our senior team members to brainstorm what we want to accomplish, and how we can get there together.

We spent our third day together in the city of Shenyang in a series of internal workshops focused on updating our core processes. We wrapped up with a ‘best ideas’ session to open the floor to all team members. To see how new joiners and Fiducia veterans were able to come up with innovative suggestions was inspirational. Since then, we have successfully implemented many of these ideas, including the establishment of our Beijing office and the launch of our Cross Border Solutions. Without any doubt, these will benefit our clients greatly in 2016 and elevate Fiducia to the next level.