Sectors to Watch in 2018

Based on China’s new regulatory focus on technology and innovation, as well as the powerful trends and business models re-shaping consumption, these are some of the sectors where we foresee high potential for growth for foreign companies in 2018.


Key drivers:
Government incentivised automation, rising labour costs, infrastructure investments, and overall quality improvements.
Key segments:
Industrial robots, testing platforms, 3D printing, and the mid-tech market.


Key drivers:
Tougher environmental regulations, government investment and incentives, pollution and rising health concerns, and an urbanisation rate that is set to reach 60 percent by 2020.
Key segments:
Industrial waste management, clean energy and smart electric grids, water treatment technologies, and green construction products/materials.


Key drivers:
The government’s “Healthy China 2030” plan, growth in private and specialised clinics, an ageing population, and higher disposable incomes.
Key segments:
Diagnostic imaging equipment, the value segment, and devices to treat lifestyle diseases such as cancer and diabetes.


Key drivers:
Subsidies and incentives for new energy vehicle (NEV) buyers, NEV quotas (10 percent of OEM sales must come from NEVs by 2019), and government investments in charging infrastructure.
Key segments:
Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, battery technology, and components for connected and smart cars (such as sensors).


Key drivers:
E-commerce and social media, higher disposable incomes, increasingly brand-savvy consumers, and growing government investment and incentives to develop the sports & fitness industry.
Key segments:
Mid-range brands with heritage, niche brands, “athleisure” apparel and accessories, and winter sportswear and equipment.


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