Recruiting Executive Talent in Uncertain Times

As companies headquartered in Europe brace for the impact of a second COVID wave, business in China is once again booming. After a challenging year, clients are reporting full order books for the next six months and a need to hire additional talents to meet their goals.

This is great news for global business—and provides an incentive for companies to shift focus towards open markets and explore avenues for future growth.

Key to success is securing executive talent with the confidence and skills to drive business expansion. But how to do so without being “on the ground”? Talk to us to discuss how we can help you obtain the most qualified candidates for your needs.

How executive search is adapting in the COVID era

Improved VC quality  Interviewers and candidates can both be put at ease by creating a set of easy guidelines to prep both parties for the video interview—improving quality significantly.

In-depth candidate assessment – Thorough questionnaires and tests, delivered digitally, can assess candidate motivation, skill level and compatibility with a client’s workplace culture.

Independent assessors  On the ground trusted senior advisors, e.g. a retired industry professional can hold a face-to-face meeting with a top candidate if the HQ CEO can’t travel.

How should companies approach hiring executive talent, now?

Target local talent – Local talent with specific and deep understanding of a new market can help drive business expansion.

Re-evaluate key characteristics and skills – A heightened aptitude for tech, empathy, agility? Consider what traits can best help your business thrive amid continued economic uncertainty.

Take a long-term view – Candidates may not wish to relocate right now, but companies with the resources to invest should seize the opportunity to secure executive talent for the future, amid reduced competition.

Hiring executive talent remotely is challenging. At Fiducia, our executive search team acts as a trusted local partner, finding innovative ways to help our valued clients and partners recruit successfully. Get in touch to see how we can help you with your own search.