Ni hao, Beijing!

Fiducia’s Beijing Office Now Officially Open

When Fiducia Founder Juergen Kracht first went to Beijing in 1986, the nation’s capital was a far cry from the vibrant metropolis it is today. Few foreigners had ever walked through Tiananmen Square (including Mr. Kracht, see photo to the left) and the country was just starting to open up, setting in motion one of the world’s most rapid economic growth spurts.


Fast forward 30 years later, 22 million residents drive 6 million cars to their jobs that generate 7% of the nation’s GDP. From 17 to 230 subway stops and hutongs to high rises, Beijing is now one of the world’s most influential cities. Among this hustle and bustle, conveniently located just off the lively Sanlitun Street in Chaoyang, is Zhongyu Plaza, home of Fiducia’s newest office. After our soft opening in Nov 2015, we can proudly say that the doors are officially open as of the Year of the Monkey.


“In previous years, we were able to support our clients in Northern China from our other offices”, said Fiducia Managing Director Stefan Kracht. “But as our business grew and our team expanded, it absolutely made sense to have a Fiducia branch in Beijing.” And together with a number of new clients in industries such as technical clothing, industrial technology, and services, as well as many promising opportunities in in the last few years, we are proud to be present in the nation’s capital again.


Beijing Quick Facts

Population: 22 million (= Austria, Switzerland and Finland combined)

Area: 17k sqm (twice Berlin)

GDP: USD 340 billion (same as Denmark)


  • 279 of the world’s largest 500 enterprises have invested in Beijing
  •  The service industry accounts for 77% of Beijing’s GDP

Did you know:

  • Beijing international airport is the second busiest airport in the world
  • While Beijing was China’s capital city multiple times in the past, it only regained its title in 1949
  • Beijing is China’s second largest city in terms of population trailing Shanghai by about 2 million people


With teams in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, we can support you in your Greater China activities.

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