Giving Back to the Community

With the support of our caring and dedicated staff, “Fidu-Share” was a created in 2010 as a platform for the Fiducia team to get involved in CSR activities and other community events.


For the last 3 years, we have successfully taken part in WWF Mai Po Nature Walk, HK Dog Rescue Walkathon, Moontrekker Night Race in support of Room-To-Read, Orbis Moonwalker, HABITAT School Campus Beautification campaign, just to name a few. Our 3 offices have now moved to environmentally-friendly paper, and instituted a “No Shark-Fin” Policy.


2015 will be an important milestone for Fidu-share as we aim for the “5 Years Plus Caring Company Logo Award”. We thank you for your continuous support, allowing us to give back to our community.


Moontrekker Hong Kong
Summer Zhang is an Associate in our China Consulting team. She tells of her experience with Moontrekker, a 30km overnight charity race that took place in June 2014.


My 2014 new years resolution was to break out of my comfort zone. I’ve tried many ways to push my boundaries and then I realised that I am the one in control of what I am capable of.  Thanks for the opportunity from Fidu-Share, this moonlit 30km race was great fun. We raced the night, beat the sunrise, and conquered Lantau Peak (934m). It was a truly amazing experience.


As a tradition in our Fiducia family, Fidu-Share aims to help the community and strengthen the Fiducia team spirit. For this event, our corporate donation totalled HKD 10,200. The Fiducia team encouraged and helped each other along the training and race.


Children’s Welfare Institute Shanghai
Herrick Zhang is a Project Manager for the Executive Search Team in Shanghai and recently gave back to his community.


The Fiducia Shanghai office regularly visits and donates to Children’s Welfare Institute, one of the oldest orphanages based in Shanghai. We see this as Fiducia’s social responsibility and as a member of the Fiducia family, I am happy to have had the chance to join this activity together with our team in September. We donated children’s cups and drawing crayons to them that day and also visited the children’s classrooms and dormitory. This was an unforgettable experience for me and really put things into perspective. I am thankful to have one Fiducia family at work and another at home, and hope that by giving back we can make a difference, however small or big it may be.


“One Family, One Tree”
The HR Officer in Fiducia’s Shenzhen office, Fiona Tang, recalls her experience planting trees to protect the environment and make Shenzhen greener.


The One Foundation in Shenzhen is a fully independent charity that focuses on disaster relief, children’s welfare and philanthropy development within the region. The Foundation’s mission is “It Starts with One”, meaning that everyone can make a difference, but you just have to take the first step.


On a sunny day in March, the Shenzhen team went to plant trees at an event organised by the Foundation, fittingly called “One Family, One Tree”. We brought our families to plant trees together, while also learning more about the environment and what we can do to protect it. Through this hands-on work we felt a real connection to the cause as well as to each other.