35 Years Growing With China

This week marks Fiducia’s 35th anniversary. Our Managing Director, Stefan Kracht, takes the opportunity to reflect on our company history.


China’s power to transform itself has filled our company with energy and purpose from day one. When we founded Fiducia in Hong Kong in 1982, Deng Xiaoping had just put an end to China’s era as an isolated economy. The world’s most populous country had opened its gates, and our mission became clear: to help Western companies enter an untapped and unfamiliar market.


China was growing at double digits and we were part of it.


Before we knew it, China was growing at double digits and we were part of it. We helped to fill containers with toys and tools when the “Made in China” label was still a rare sight on European shelves, and helped “Made in Germany” establish itself as a stamp of trustworthy technology in China. Through the windshields of our automotive clients, we saw cars replace bicycles. We can even proudly say that China’s sprawling subway and high-speed train networks hold bolts and pieces of our work.


This dizzying early boom has given way to new historic transformations. Reaching a next level of maturity, China is beginning to shift its focus from volume to value. Competition has intensified, costs have risen, and new regulatory labyrinths have emerged. At the same time, the country’s new consumer class, breakthrough digital technologies, and top-class infrastructure, are creating game-changing opportunities.


Our new mission is to help our clients adjust to an era of innovation and operational efficiency.


These developments energise us to expand our horizons for and with our international clients. Our new mission is to help them adjust to an era of innovation and operational efficiency.


Based on our track record and our principles, this is a promise we are confident to make and keep. Our new team members are building upon the long-term commitment, structured approach, and solid values of our founding members. Our family management adds depth to our relations with our clients, many of whom are family owned enterprises themselves. And their loyalty is the best testament to the passion, diligence, and integrity of our work.


Fueled by China’s progress and our clients’ success, the last 35 years saw our footprint expand from a small office on Hong Kong island to four Greater China locations and a team of 120 professionals. We look forward to the next decades of helping companies unlock new potential in a China that continues to change.


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